Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodbye TJ

Well, my internship at the Jefferson Library is over.My Barbary pirate article got published just before my departure! You can read it here. I was a little sad my last day, but mostly I am happy that my first real experience working at a library was such a positive one. I made the decision to pursue a Masters in Library Science because I liked the idea of it and reading program descriptions from several grad schools encouraged me that I was choosing a career that was right for me. Working at the Jefferson Library has only further enhanced my desire to pursue the degree and it helped me experience several different aspects of library work (albeit from the perspective of a small specialized library). I would like to express my intense gratitude for the opportunity that I was given by the staff at the Jefferson Library. I am especially grateful to my supervisor, Anna, who took time to share her own experience with me and who made my work environment immensely enjoyable. I'm going to miss everyone from the library!
It's going to be a little strange not concentrating on Thomas Jefferson everyday. I feel like I should learn a little more about the other founding fathers to sort of even things out a bit.

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